Dec 012016
Rimini, Italy in March. by Peter Lindberg

Prints of my fashion and artsy fartsy stuff make good X-mas presents! 🙂

In my Tictail page I have a lot of prints for sale. Many different motifs and places. Ranging from Italy to Sweden, to New York City and to fashion. Check it out! Order before December 10th to get them in time in North America, and before December 15th to get them before X-mas in EU. The prints are glicée prints from a professional Epson printer on archival paper. Here are a few examples. Shop away! 😉

Sep 052016

Rocca Calascio is a really exciting place, one of the highest placed castles in Europe. I was there this summer, and have some shots you can buy as prints. Also make sure to subscribe to my Tictail! See link to Wiki on Rocca Calascio at the bottom.

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Jun 292016


Somewhere in the middle

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May 272016

Well, depends on the demolition AND the photographer. Right? 😉

I got a panic-call from a woman at a number in a small community in the Southern part of the country, and since I am located on the West Coast, I thought maybe it was the wrong number. But no, panic and hurry, thecustomer, NKR Demolition Sweden,  needed someone to document a complicated demolition of a bridge for power-cables in a environmentally protected area. They wanted it reportage-style, and I don’t often do that kind of stuff, but what the heck; I had time to spare and it would probably be pretty relaxed, so I said yes. When I arrived at the scene later the same day, I understood why they wanted photographs. This was a complicated thing. Normally they would just have blasted the thing with dynamite or had a huge excavator to crush the thing into the stream, and then dig the rubble up and shit it away. Now the had to build a support-structure, rest the bridge on that and roll it off like a rail-cart out of concrete. PLUS: the bridge was too heavy for any crane big to fit in there to lift in one piece, so it had to be cut up. The put on a lorry and rolled off the premises. And this is what it looked like! Photos of slow, clean demolition. I think they turned out pretty nice! 🙂


© Peter Lindberg 2016

Oct 182015

Sugarfall LIVE at Cajsa Warg, Gothenburg

A quick preview of the gig by Sugarfall. Enjoy, and make sure to check bak later!


©Peter Lindberg 2015

Oct 182015

Lawgiver live at Cajsa Warg, Gothenburg

A quick preview of what to come! Check back for MORE LAWGIVER!

©Peter Lindberg 2015

Aug 252015

Blur is the new black!

A bit geeky, but I love taking blurry snaps of stuff and let people figure out what it is. A fuss, someone? 😉



Aug 192015
Aug 192015

Going Bananas In The Studio!

Another strange find..


Bananasim: the faith in the almighty banana and its healing powers. Worship included!

Apr 292015

In the night, the shadows hides from the light

In a city or town, there is quite a bit of light even during night. That gives the chance of interesting shadows.


© Peter Lindberg

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