Apr 302011

Somethings is hiding behind those pretty walls. Nuff said. Clickable image.

Pretty. And erie..

© Peter Lindberg 2011

Apr 292011

Someone or a family lived here. Now there is only the shell and the smells left. Soon the torso will be carved out and new intestines installed. An era is gone. A new one begins. And I got to witness it.

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Everything is gone, what is lost?


© Peter Lindberg 2011

Apr 292011

Another piece of Sweden. And yours truely. And yes, you can CLICK! it!!



© Peter Lindberg 2011

Apr 242011

In Gothenburg somewhere. Click image for full view!!

The winter sun with the sheda from a bridge in downtown Gothenburg


© Peter Lindberg 2011

Apr 232011

I won’t tell you where this place is. It’s mine to keep. I found it!

Psst! The images are clickable for bigger versions!

Dated beauty

Alone, at last...

I can sense the trolls hiding among the trees and the rocks, dressed in moss.


© Peter Lindberg 2011

Apr 222011

Not very flattering. But this is an example of the kinda stuff that catches my eye…


Edit: For some silly reason WP cant scale this image right… click the image to see it as it’s supposed to look.

Somewhere in Lindome, April 2011

© Peter Lindberg 2011

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