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Spring in Suburbia 2013 – Pieces of Sweden

Pieces of Sweden – Another chunk of it!

As spring Finally comes to Suburbia, new opportunities open for pieces of Sweden to be cut out of reality. This project isn’t something you do on a plan. Images tend to just show themselves when not looking for them. They sort of hide in a NMP-field, like “The Heart of Gold” in “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. They appear at the edge of your eye and fortunately I now have a warning-system alerting me for such as they show themselves. So here we go… If you want to see the rest of this project this far, take a look here: Pieces of Sweden at the Peter Lindberg Photography website

Västra Frölunda. Göteborg - Pieces of Sweden - Fotograf Peter Lindberg
Västra Frölunda. Göteborg – Fotograf Peter Lindberg

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