Jul 092014

Roseto in July.” The Calm” before the storm.

Oh yeah. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Roseto is a great place for a beach holiday. ay better than all those that you have heard of. My images show the kind of decay, dents, mishaps etc that makes places like Roseto feel OK, human and alive. Perfect does not make perfect. And also; many of the things that are not perfect are not the fault of the people here. here might be things drifting in from the Adriatic Sea. Careless sailors that have thrown things overboard. Mobsters across the sea that dump their contracted garbage in a lagoon instead of having it burnt at the garbage-incinery. And of course there are some of the owners of the much wanted beach-clubs that are just in it for a quick buck. Not many, but a few… the season is short.

Three garbage-cans on the beach in Roseto. Waste, recycling and paper

Of course Commune di Roseto degli Abruzzi takes managing waste seriously.

© Peter Lindberg 2014

Jul 072014

Welcome to Roseto

Most of the year Roseto Degli Abruzzo stays dormant like  a tundra mouse hibernating until the brief summer. Roseto wakes during July to explode during August and the fade back to sleep during September. Now it’s July.

Changing-rooms on the beach of Roseto degli Abruzzo, Italy - Peter Lindberg Photography

Yopu could say the season is short by the Adriatic sea. At least for business.

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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