Dec 202012

Time will be. But is time at all? Timeless. Here is at least another image from The Garden.

The Sun filters through the foliage...

The Sun filters through the foliage…

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Dec 192012

A continuation of the travel through the dream-world.

En fortsättning genom drömmarnas värld.


I want to go.

I want to go.

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Dec 182012

A garden of dreams? Don’t let me limit your fantasy. What has passed through here over the centuries?

En trägård av drömmar? Låt mig inte hindra din fantasi. Vad har passerat genom denna trädgård genom århundradena?

The Garden of...

The Garden of…

©Peter Lindberg 2012

Dec 132012

Inflatable toys! Everybody loves them! And they DO look funky in pictures like this one!

Stuff you REALLY need! 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2009

Dec 112012

where the Internet actually resides, turn left at this sign in Lefkada, Greece.

The true path to the internet….


© Peter Lindberg 2009

Dec 112012

Hot ride! Lefkada (Lefkas), Greece.

Home-built moped-cycle.

© Peter Lindberg 2009

Dec 042012

When it is dark, images tend to get more interesting. Agree?


Through the bus window….

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Dec 022012

My buddies Per-Anders & Johan opened their exhibition showing images of our hometown taken at night today. Johan still nourishes a dream of becoming a rock-star so he brought together a band for the night with some other dudes. Sounded good, looked better. 😉 Click the image to see all the photos!

The Potatochip Drummer & Friends 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2012

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