May 292011

Viasat event in Göteborg on 28 of May. Barca vs Manchester U. on 24 squaremeter 3d TV-set. Still just soccer. Boxing with cameras on the boxers would be more fun! 😀

A New Era: Or A New Area... Of The Brain?


© Peter Lindberg 2011 (for AnnaLisa Foto)

May 192011

Cosy. Click the damn image.

Paradise for some.

© Peter Lindberg 2011

May 172011

Men do great things. And weird things too. And sometimes women tag along on the madness.


And oh yeah! This image gets bigger when you click it too!

© Peter Lindberg 2011

May 062011

My daughter. The one. The only.

Clickable image. 🙂

Edith, my daughter. My tiny big love.


© Peter Lindberg 2011

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