Oct 272010

LoCost Sweden is the motor-club for nutters building their own low-cost Lotus Seven replicas. And peoples interpretation on what a Seven is varies. 13th of August this summer we got together on Kinnekulle Ring in Götene kommun. My car is far from finished yet so I shot som images!

Locost on the main straight, Kinnekulle Ring

©Peter Lindberg 2010

Oct 202010

Another glimpse of an awesome concert. Magasinet, Gothenburg 1993.

Meat Beat Manifesto on stage, Gothenburg 1993

©Peter Lindberg 1993

Oct 202010

This driver had a hard time deciding which route to take. No-one was hurt apart from the hedge and a cypress tree.

Uhu.. what about the brakes?

©Peter Lindberg 2010

Oct 192010

Meat Beat Manifesto live on stage in Gothenburg 1993

As I remember it, a crackin’ great concert full of sweat, beer, dancing legs and grooves.

©Peter Lindberg

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