Nov 292013

Monte Velino: The Route Rome to Pescara


On the road from Rome to Pescara

Fantastic mountain-views from a gas station

The Appenines, pretty impressing mountains running through Italy from north to south. If you drive from Rome to Pescara (on the Adriatic Sea) you will pass this place about halfway on your route. A gas-station and pizza-joint perfectly located for a view of Monte Velino. And a slice of pizza of course. This joint has pretty good pizza. This the A25, but you could also take the northern path around L’Aquila on A24. Then you will pass under the Gran Sasso massive in a very long tunnel. And under Campo Imperatore, where Mussolini once was held prisoned… If you drive the A24 instead you will pass L’Aquila and Teramo and reach the Adriatic sea north of Pescara, at Giulianova. © Peter Lindberg 2013

Nov 282013

Massa – Beach, Sea In Remorse?

Beach in sadness. Peter Lindberg Photography

The beach in Marina di Massa, Italy.

The off-season again. I like the off-season. Leaves more to fantasy. And all the trash blown in from the Mediterranean sort of gives you a reciept on how destructive modern society is. During summer and high season everything is cleaned up. Bet the sea is still full of it; garbage dumped by ships owned by greedy owners, by nations that don’t value Mother Earth. By people too poor and uneducated to care or know better. And lots of garbage is being exported by mafia from Italy and the Balkan. So there is the backside of fancy living on the European side, that creeps up on us during winter, as a reminder. Greed hits back. Ignorance hits back. But we get to pay.

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Nov 272013

Colonia Ettore Motta – Left To Decay

Colonia Ettore Motta, Marina di Massa, Italia

Colonia Ettore Motta, built for Gruppo Edison Marina di Massa.

Colonia Ettore Motta in Marina di Massa  was built for Gruppo Edison as a recreation-site for company employes. During World War 2 it was used a s a hospital and after different twists and turns it is now in decay with unclear ownership and responsibilities. Read more here.

Unfortunately the site was closed off when I was there in March this year. As I understand people tend to open up from time to time, allowing urban explorers to enter the area. We will se what next visit in the future brings. 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Nov 262013

Off-season in Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa. Off season. March. No-one cleans up after the winter just yet. Shit everywhere. Not so shiny now, right? The people in SUV:s stay far away. So does their money. I don’t miss them. Prefer the shit. 😉

No offense, but beaches are best without too much people. And the amount of scrap that blows in from the sea should be a reminder about how we treat our planet. Throw your garbage where it belongs, and recycle what is recyclable!

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Nov 212013
Out - Photographer Peter Lindberg

Rimini, Italy in March 2013

People in the distant. Cloud-shrudded skies and a steady wind. But winter is letting go. Soon comes summer, the heat and all those beach-dwellers. Is it better right now? I think so. Me. You, the sand and the sea.


© Peter Lindberg 2013

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