Jan 152012
Jan 102012

Christmas-time is all about lucky lucky joy joy. But I don’t fell all that cheery. Darkness and stress. I rather take pictures of places like this than do x-mas shopping. Enjoy. Clickable image.

Cosy christmas lights...

© Peter Lindberg 2011

Jan 092012

The corner of Manhattan Ave and Norman. The Manhattan 3-Decker Restaurant. Been there forever, and still is. Seen through the barber-shop window in “Donnie Brasco”. 4×5″ slide.


The Manhattan 3-Decker Restaurant, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

© Peter Lindberg 1997

Jan 072012

A headshot I did a bunch of years back… 1994-95 something. Enjoy. 😉

Model X Can't remember her name.

© Peter Lindberg 1995


PS. If you, the model in this picture, recognizes yourself; please contact me!

Jan 062012

While I was studying in New York, a friend of a friend gave me a box of 6×6 slides. Slides taken by her late husband. She didn’t know what to do with them. There were about 200 slides. I picked the ones that were technically OK and scanned them. The pictures were from all over the world since the husband had been in the air force (I think). Most were Kodachrome, some Ektachrome. This one I felt was better in B&W. So Rick, if you see this; let your friend know I have them if she wants them!


Crumbling abandoned house somewhere out west...

© Peter Lindberg – stock

Jan 052012

This was back in the day when I lived at Lasalle Street, New York City. The image is from approx. October 1996. Back in those days we used film and had to develop the images and then print them in the darkroom! Imagine that, kids! 😉 And … Oh yeah! Clickable image!


Pigeons on the corner of Lasalle and Broadway, fall 1996

©Peter Lindberg 1996

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