Dec 172013

Folksam insurance got twisted!

Lets Twist - Happy editing accident

Folksam Försäkringar – Twisted Insurance 😉

The insurance-industry is a twisted world, so what an happy accident that a editing-messup led to this funky result! 🙂 Not that Folksam is worse than any other insurance-firm, nor better. It was just an accident going right. Over and out.

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 032013

Dig it out, simply.

Rimini getting ready for beach-season

Digging out the tiles after winter.


March 2013 in Rimini, the ol’ boys prepare for beach season by digging out the paved path from the beach-club to the sea. So their pals with less stable legs easier should make it to the sea I guess? 😉 But also so people can walk up from the beach without dragging so much sand with them. Civilized beach-life simply. And it made a nice picture. You have to dig it!

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 032013

No despair there buddy, soon we are back on that beach!

Spring Day in March, Rimini Beach

Rimini Beach Changing booths.

Winter sucks, honestly. At least most of the time. There are days when sun is shining and the snow lays white and crisp. Then winter is OK. The rest of the time at least I am in despair once of twice each day. Maybe Prozac is the solution? 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 012013

Stretching after exercise – Pescara Lungomare

Pescara. The beach promenade. The choice for where Pescarians go exercising.

Stretching yer legs ha?

A lot of people take care of their exercise needs along the beach of Pescara. Pescara has a great beach and an even better promenade. Lungomare is a common street name along the Adriatic coast. And there is a reason – people love their promenade, and they are proud of it! Since many of the cities along the Adriatic coast were leveled, turned into gravel, eradicated during WW2; the Lungomare is what they have to show (bold exaggeration). Lungomare Pescara is well worth a stroll.

© Peter Lindberg 2013

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