Mar 302012

The sun is out, why aren’t you? Click-able image.

Dry ol' plant basking in the spring sun.

©Peter Lindberg 2012

Mar 162012
Mar 132012
Mar 112012

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal vann inom accessoarer och Akharadet Ekchanok vann inom klädsegmentet. I år var kvaliteten högre och konkurrensen större och det var svårt att utse en vinnare i förväg. Jag gick bet! Grattis till vinnarna! Bilder senare ikväll!

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal won the accessory class,  Akharadet Ekchanok won in the apparel segment. This year the quality was higher and the competition harder and it was difficult to determine the winner in advance. I failed!! Congratulations to the winners! Pictures later tonight!


Akharadet Ekchanok

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal

Mar 112012
Mar 112012
Mar 052012

Photographer Johan Palmborg had the opening of his show at gallery Eugén & William called “Flowers & more” this past Saturday. If in Göteborg, check it out.Chances are you might find something you like!

Parts of Johan Palmborg with a part of parts of his work

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