Oct 192011

This house will probably soon be torn down after the plot it is on has been sold to a new owner, wanting to build something new there. A look through the window revealed people lived there until recently. And seems to have done so for quite some time. Soon it will be over. Memories gone. Out with the old. In with the new. Never ending cycle it seems… Clickable picture!

Back in the day..

© Peter Lindberg 2011

Oct 122011

Sandcakes. Someone with a high rate of production made these. Probably had to go home for dinner. Sandcakes a re bit hard to digest. Clickable image. Click for sandcakes in bigger glory.

Come and get it!

© Peter Lindberg 2011

Oct 072011

Working as a photographer isn’t allways very glamourus. But at the same time can a empty space like this feel almost poetic. And for sure, the pic is clickable! 😀

Hello? nobody home?


© Peter Lindberg 2011

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