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Introvertism? Or just blur? ;)

Blur is the new black!

A bit geeky, but I love taking blurry snaps of stuff and let people figure out what it is. A fuss, someone? 😉



Abruzzo Italia The World In My Eyes...

Campo Imperatore, Italia

Campo Imperatore – The High Plateau of Gran Sasso

When the summer in Abruzzo gets too hot, locals escape up to the mountains. And there are lots of them. One of the best places to go are the different parts of Campo Imperatore. Known for where Il Duce was kept in a hut, skiing, very high and fresh air, and BBQ:ing your steaks or arrosticcini on the grills put up outside two competing butcheries. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for more later on!

Campo Imperatore Chill
A dude relaxing on the grass at one of the grill-sites at the Campo Imperatore high plane

First Campo Imperatore Gallery

The World In My Eyes...

Bananaism in the studio

Going Bananas In The Studio!

Another strange find..

Bananasim: the faith in the almighty banana and its healing powers. Worship included!