Mar 232013

A Day At The Beach…

The best way to spend time doing nothing really… is a day at the beach. Beaches are best at off-season. And it was a nice day.

A Day At The Beach - Fotograf Peter Lindberg Göteborg

A Day At The Beach

Pescara, the capital in Abruzzo has some pretty good beaches, right smack in the middle of the city. These beaches extend pretty much all the way north through the region. And with some interruptions they continue all the way up through the regions north of Abruzzo, up to where the lowlands around Venice take over.

To the south the beaches are quite different. Small pebbles below steep cliffs or just cliffs right into the sea. The beaches in the south of Abruzzo tend to be less crowded during high season. And pebbles means less sand that you bring home with you. Locals often say they prefer the beaches in the south. I think I agree.

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