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Massa, By The Sea

Massa – Beach, Sea In Remorse?

Beach in sadness. Peter Lindberg Photography
The beach in Marina di Massa, Italy.

The off-season again. I like the off-season. Leaves more to fantasy. And all the trash blown in from the Mediterranean sort of gives you a reciept on how destructive modern society is. During summer and high season everything is cleaned up. Bet the sea is still full of it; garbage dumped by ships owned by greedy owners, by nations that don’t value Mother Earth. By people too poor and uneducated to care or know better. And lots of garbage is being exported by mafia from Italy and the Balkan. So there is the backside of fancy living on the European side, that creeps up on us during winter, as a reminder. Greed hits back. Ignorance hits back. But we get to pay.

© Peter Lindberg 2013

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An Appeal To Your Good Convictions – Spread My Art!

Art is Heart! Spread it, spread my art!

Here I stand on my bare knees, asking for your help. It will not cost you a penny, only a minute of your time. And the result will be more photography and images for you to see, feelings to feel. If you spread the word around about my posts, the ones you like, more people will see them. If more people will se my art, my images (if it is art or not is in the eye of the beholder ultimately) and more will like it or dislike it. And the more that see, the more the chance to sell increases. And when I sell my art and my time as a professional photographer, the more time and resources I can spend on my artistic work since the bills will already be paid.

Everybody talks about the importance of art and artists, fewer are willing to invest in us. I am not asking for your money, just your help to spread the word and links to my work. And I also ask you to do that with other artists who’s work you like. By doing this you contribute to the developing of art, to the evolvement and development of society. Even the old greeks understood this: Art is what makes a society civilized. Without art we are merely naked monkeys.

So how do you spread my art? It is easy; copy paste the link to the post into a your FaceBook timeline, email it to friends, like my FaceBook page for Peter Lindberg Photography and share my updates, LIKE updates on FaceBook, skare and like on Google+, share links on Twitter, follow me on Twitter and re-tweet my tweets… and so on.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for helping out!

Peter Lindberg

Politics & The Art The World In My Eyes...

We remember…

Summer. It’s September and now summer is officially over for this year. And it wasn’t much of a summer this year. A few warm days but mostly cold and wet. Scientists have found a shift in the Gulf Stream. Climate change. Guess summers as we knew they are just a memory due to coal- and oil-burning. It’s your fault, and mine. The only way to stop this is to change how we live. Are you ready or would you rather let the Earth succumb than change how your lifestyle?

Sommar. Nu är den officiellt över för i år. Och det var inte mycket till sommar. Några få varma dagar men annars mest kallt och  fuktigt. Forskare har funnit att Golfströmmen försvagats på grund av människans klimatpåverkan. Sommar som vi minns den är ett minne blott, det kommer bara bli värre på grund av olje- och-kolförbränning. Ditt fel, och mitt. Det enda sättet att stoppa utvecklingen är att ändra livsstil. Är du redo eller låter du hellre jorden förgås?

Under the tree

© Peter Lindberg