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It’s finally sort of spring! Vasaplatsen!

A panorama over Vasaplatsen at the brink of spring.

Vasaplatsen in central Göteborg, next to the university (Göteborgs Universitet, the original building; today spread out over many more locations in the city) is a bit of a quiet eye, a place for a coffee in the sun by the fountain. Among bustling traffic and trams, backdropped by  the Jugend (Art Noveux) buildings of Vasastaden and as said above, below the old university-building. Once occupied by boozed out drunkards and smack-users, Vasaplatsen is now cleaned up and a valuable spot in town. Enjoy!

Vasaplatsen Göteborg, Sweden. Photogaph by Peter Lindberg
Panorama over Vasaplatsen. Göteborg

Click the image to view in full glory! 🙂

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