Cars Portraits

A Day At The Circuit Revisited

The thing of the day was portraits of… cars! Replicas of Lotus Super Seven cars, home-brewed in people garages. All flava’s and colors, engines and solotions. From road adapted sport-cars to full-blood racers with sticky slick tires, ful roll-cages and free-breathing and fire-spitting engines. Some use live rear axles, other wishbone solustions, while other go for deDion. Some use Ford Pinto’s while others use bike-engines and other further Saab or Volvo turbo-charged cast-iron lumps. Who was fastest? And what technical solutions ruled? I’ll tell you later…

Yellow Rocket – Berne’s ride
The Stigs Swedish halfling?


Alingsås Red Express
Black & gold

© Peter Lindberg 2012


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