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Time Attack – A Few More From Kinnekulle Racing Circuit

Time Attack – A Few Mor Pictures From The Kinnekulle Circuit

The first post from this Time Attack event was missing a few pictures due to time restraints on my part, but here goes. 🙂

Time Attack at Kinnekulle Ring 2017 - Photos by Peter Lindberg Photography
Time Attack at Kinnekulle Ring 2017 ©Peter Lindberg Photography
Cars Kinnekulle Sweden

Circuit Racing – Time Attack!

Time Attack at Kinnekulle Ring Racing Circuit!

Spent a day at the track with the kids and my father. The Time Attack format is nice if you want to see many different cars of different kinds, often extreme garage-builds with big power and lots of more or less scientific aero. There are many classes ranging from “Club”, which are basically  road cars with jus minor modifications and street tyres, to “Pro” and “Wildcard” that are without limitations and that use slicks. This day unfortunately most of the extreme cars were not on track due to rain or reliability issues.

Click the image for the full gallery! Enjoy!

Time Attack at Kinnekulle Ring 2017 - By Peter Lindberg Photography
Time Attack at Kinnekulle Ring 2017 © Peter Lindberg Photography
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Back in the days…

NYC street snapshot of taxi-cab on black & white Polaroid instant slide film.

NYC gatu-snapshot av en taxi pĂĄ svartvit Polaroid direkt-diafilm


Come on cabbie, take the leap!

© Peter Lindberg 1996

Cars Portraits

A Day At The Circuit Revisited

The thing of the day was portraits of… cars! Replicas of Lotus Super Seven cars, home-brewed in people garages. All flava’s and colors, engines and solotions. From road adapted sport-cars to full-blood racers with sticky slick tires, ful roll-cages and free-breathing and fire-spitting engines. Some use live rear axles, other wishbone solustions, while other go for deDion. Some use Ford Pinto’s while others use bike-engines and other further Saab or Volvo turbo-charged cast-iron lumps. Who was fastest? And what technical solutions ruled? I’ll tell you later…

Yellow Rocket – Berne’s ride
The Stigs Swedish halfling?


AlingsĂĄs Red Express
Black & gold

© Peter Lindberg 2012



A Day At The Circuit…

My second passion following photography (oh yeah, apart from sex, wine, friends…) is cars and racing. So I decided to do something to combine the two…

©Peter Lindberg 2012


Track-day with LoCost Sweden

LoCost Sweden is the motor-club for nutters building their own low-cost Lotus Seven replicas. And peoples interpretation on what a Seven is varies. 13th of August this summer we got together on Kinnekulle Ring in Götene kommun. My car is far from finished yet so I shot som images!

Locost on the main straight, Kinnekulle Ring

©Peter Lindberg 2010

Cars Editorial

Difficult decision…

This driver had a hard time deciding which route to take. No-one was hurt apart from the hedge and a cypress tree.

Uhu.. what about the brakes?

©Peter Lindberg 2010


A Day At The Circuit…

My number one hobby is cars and racing cars. This picture is from a track-meet with Locost Sweden, a seven-escque replicas builders club. That means people that build cars that resemble the Lotus Super Seven sportscar that even competed in Formula-1 a few rounds, with suprisingly good results even though a total underdog when it comes to horsepower. Small, light and very quick through the corners. The most fun you can have on a slate of tarmac for less money than a Ariel Atom. This particular car belongs to Morty. Click on the image to see it large.

Morty throwing hos Seven around Kinnekulle Ring

© Peter Lindberg 2009

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I caught a Bug

Had this VW Bug in my garage for a while. A fix-up job before it being sold. A 1973 1303 LS Karmann cabriolet in very nice If I had the money I would have bought it myself and given it a few upgrades on the suspension and the engine would have been tuned for more hp. I hope it’s new owner takes good care of it! Clock the imgae to see it bigger!

VW Bug from 1973. Groovy.

© Peter Lindberg 2008