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The Photography Show-Opening… The Band!

My buddies Per-Anders & Johan opened their exhibition showing images of our hometown taken at night today. Johan still nourishes a dream of becoming a rock-star so he brought together a band for the night with some other dudes. Sounded good, looked better. 😉 Click the image to see all the photos!

The Potatochip Drummer & Friends 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Exhibitions and stuff!

Helping out…

Pushing for some friends and their show-opening (vernissage) on December 1st!

Nigthview Gothenburg at Eugen & William (where me and my business actually reside too nowadays!)

BÀltesspÀnnarna at night!

© Johan Palmborg & Per-Anders Hurtigh/Eugen & William

Editorial Exhibitions and stuff! Fashion

Fresh Fish 2012 Winners Catwalk Pics

The winners of Fresh Fish 2012. 🙂

©Peter Lindberg 2012

Exhibitions and stuff! Fashion

From The Exhition Floor – Fresh Fish!

A little taste of the different exhibitors/competitors booths. Enjoy!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Exhibitions and stuff! The World In My Eyes...

Planket GBG 2011 – a little walk along the whole thing.

Planket is a open air photo-exhibition where anyone who pays the application-fee in time can hang their stuff in. Every participant has 1 meter to their disposal and as long as you don’t block out your neighbouring participants you can arrange that meter pretty much as you like. I took a walk with my camera along the whole exhibition. A bit shaky at some parts, but I don’t own a SteadyCam-rig so I did the best I could. 🙂 Enjoy!

© Peter Lindberg 2011