Dec 012016
Rimini, Italy in March. by Peter Lindberg

Prints of my fashion and artsy fartsy stuff make good X-mas presents! 🙂

In my Tictail page I have a lot of prints for sale. Many different motifs and places. Ranging from Italy to Sweden, to New York City and to fashion. Check it out! Order before December 10th to get them in time in North America, and before December 15th to get them before X-mas in EU. The prints are glicée prints from a professional Epson printer on archival paper. Here are a few examples. Shop away! 😉

Aug 252015

Blur is the new black!

A bit geeky, but I love taking blurry snaps of stuff and let people figure out what it is. A fuss, someone? 😉



Dec 042014

Night Photography, Again.

I bet you have guessed it by now; I love night photography! A bit more mysterious. Yep.

Night photography - a true passion. Photographer Peter Lindberg

Dark Photography

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Oct 272014
Mar 052013

Springtime – Back to life!

Air is cold, but the sun quickly warms any surface it hits. Sunny days in March warms me up both  inside and out. What I like even more than the sun itself is all the shadows the spring-sun creates. A never-ending source of patterns and shapes. Enjoy.


Vår – Tillbaka till livet!

Luften är kall, men solen värmer snabbt upp varje yta den träffar. Soliga marsdagar värmer upp både insidan och utsidan av ens person! Och vad jag gillar än mer än solen själv är skuggorna vårsolen skapar. En oändlig källa av mönster och former. Titta och Njut!


Sun-patterns - Springtime sun painting patterns and shapes on things. - Peter Lindberg fotograf Göteborg


© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 132012

Inflatable toys! Everybody loves them! And they DO look funky in pictures like this one!

Stuff you REALLY need! 😉

© Peter Lindberg 2009

Nov 202012

NYC street snapshot of taxi-cab on black & white Polaroid instant slide film.

NYC gatu-snapshot av en taxi på svartvit Polaroid direkt-diafilm


Come on cabbie, take the leap!

© Peter Lindberg 1996

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