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Pieces of Sweden – Another Photograph

New-ish photograph: Pieces of Sweden keeps growing!

My long-term project “Pieces of Sweden”  keeps growing, slowly but steadily. This is the kind of images you can’t rush. They have to come to you, more or less. With the project I want to show the beauty in the ugly, show things people never notice even though hiding in plain sight. “Pieces of Sweden” is intended to make people feel, and make people think about what is there right under their noses when they hunt for happiness. Have you missed this project? Not seen much  of it before? Take a moment and look at the images at the “Pieces of Sweden”-gallery on my main website. And if you want to stay updated, you can follow me on the “Peter Lindberg Photography” FaceBook-page or on Twitter – @LindbergPhoto

Pieces of Sweden - Fotograf Peter Lindberg Göteborg Sweden
Pieces of Sweden


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