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Campo Imperatore, Italia

Campo Imperatore – The High Plateau of Gran Sasso

When the summer in Abruzzo gets too hot, locals escape up to the mountains. And there are lots of them. One of the best places to go are the different parts of Campo Imperatore. Known for where Il Duce was kept in a hut, skiing, very high and fresh air, and BBQ:ing your steaks or arrosticcini on the grills put up outside two competing butcheries. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for more later on!

Campo Imperatore Chill
A dude relaxing on the grass at one of the grill-sites at the Campo Imperatore high plane

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King of The Beach

The King

You have to give it to him; he has found his throne. The weather was the best this far this spring, about 21°C (69-70°F) and sunny with no wind. This guy found his spot. The best spot on the beach. 😉


King of the beach - by Peter Lindberg
The KIng resides on his beach-throne.

© Peter Lindberg 2015

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Palm Beach? Abruzzo!

Another day in Abruzzo

No real vacation without palms, right? This one is a bite lonely here. Roseto isn’t fashionable and maybe a bit dated in some places. But to me it is the best beach in Abruzzo. And the town is right on the beach, meaning everything is close. Perfect for lazy summer days.

A lone palm by the beach in Roseto degli Abruzzo
Roseto – A Palm

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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La Bella Montepagano

Longing to go back to Montepagano

It is an absolute gem. That is why we picked to buy our own joint there. It is not only the view. Not only the old town. It is also the people. Abruzzians are are friendly and gentle. Simple as that. You should visit too.

© Peter Lindberg 2013

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After The Rain – At The Beach In Abruzzo

Steps on the beach

After a day of hefty rains the next day is sunny and warm, making the sand dry up with a uniform crust on the top it. Another day on the beach of Roseto degli Abruzzi

Crust on top of the sand
After the rain: crust

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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A Giant Step – A Day At The Beach

A giant failure for mankind…

Or what else could we say? Did a giant walk here? Looks like a very long step, from someone with very long legs. Just stepped out of his slippers. Or slipped out? More likely the slipped away in the tide though. And were washed ashore again. Now they are trash.

Someone stepped out of their slippers - Photographer Peter Lindberg
You forgot your slippers

© Peter Lindberg 2014


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Roseto to Ancona

On the train – Roseto to Ancona

Traveling by train gives you time to think. To browse through the window. Look and see. And not be seen.

On the train from Roseto to Ancona
Roseto to Ancona

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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L’Aquila – Earthquake Damage

What L’Aquila Looks Like Today

On April 6th 1999 L’Aquila was struck by a devastating earthquake. About 65.000 people became homeless and 308 people were killed. Today the city is still being rebuilt. Work has been going on for the years since the earthquake, with stabilizing damaged buildings the main priority the first years. The bracing can be seen on most of the old buildings in the central parts of town. A lot of work has been done with mostly landmark buildings and some are even finished, but 90% of all work is still remaining to be done. The pace is crippled by both lack of money (many house-owners were not properly insured, and a lot of other were not covered due to force majeure while some just awaits government funding) and laborers skilled to work with earthquake-damaged old buildings. #laquila #earthquake #abruzzo


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