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The Wasteland – Closer Than You Think

I personally enjoy visiting those abandoned spots in everyday society that has been forgotten or simply hangs there in limbo until suddenly the town or its owner remembers it and decides to do something about it. Until then, they are there for us to enjoy, let fantasy rip, use visually…

Wasteland - by Peter Lindberg
Den bortglömda Cementa-tomten i Hällekis. Skrotade maskiner från cementfabriken.


© Peter Lindberg 2008 #hällekis #sweden #kinnekulle #artsyfartsy #peterlindberg #peterlindberg photography

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Back in the days…

NYC street snapshot of taxi-cab on black & white Polaroid instant slide film.

NYC gatu-snapshot av en taxi på svartvit Polaroid direkt-diafilm


Come on cabbie, take the leap!

© Peter Lindberg 1996

Old images

The land out west…

While I was studying in New York, a friend of a friend gave me a box of 6×6 slides. Slides taken by her late husband. She didn’t know what to do with them. There were about 200 slides. I picked the ones that were technically OK and scanned them. The pictures were from all over the world since the husband had been in the air force (I think). Most were Kodachrome, some Ektachrome. This one I felt was better in B&W. So Rick, if you see this; let your friend know I have them if she wants them!


Crumbling abandoned house somewhere out west...

© Peter Lindberg – stock