An old favorite…

Shot in NYC the late fall of 1996. Lost the models name… anybody that knows?

Stalked. Central Park NYC 1996

© Peter Lindberg

The World In My Eyes...

2010 – the right year to start a photography-blog?

I have been involved in photography for about 22 years now, and on a professional level for about 15 years. The birth of the web as we know it today brought new ways of see and be seen, both as an artist and a human. From the firts time I read about blogs I have been thinking about getting my own photography-blog started. So this has been cooking for a LONG time now!

First it will be a place to show my own stuff, but of course I will as well show work from some of my friends as well. And since it’s snowing outside I am thinking; what could be better than thinking back to summer and sunny weather?

Cheers! And make sure to follow what is coming!

//Peter Lindberg