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A headshot I did a bunch of years back… 1994-95 something. Enjoy. 😉

Model X Can't remember her name.

© Peter Lindberg 1995


PS. If you, the model in this picture, recognizes yourself; please contact me!

Feb 182010

I will be reporting from this years Fresh Fish. Follow the shows on! Here is a pic from the show of last years winner, Anna Falk. If you want to visit the fair ypurself, info can be found on

Anna Falk was the Fresh Fish winner of 2009

© Peter Lindberg 2009

Feb 172010

One of my older fashion-images. My friend Marcus on a beach in south Sweden, January 1994 or 1995. -10°C and 15m/s. COLD! The Hasselblad battery died after only 15-16 shots! Click for bigger pic!

Marcus waving for surrender...

© Peter Lindberg 1995

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Feb 162010

Another shot from the Black Badger Advanced Composites-shoot for Dampened the colors in order to achieve the feel I was after.. pale. Models were Anette H. and Herman Engdahl. MUA Martina G.

Anette & Herman for Black Badger Advanced Composites

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© Peter Lindberg 2009

Feb 092010

This image is from a shoot with Black Badger Advanced Composites for BBAC isn’t into weapons manufacturing or even the racing-trade. No, BBAC makes gems and jewelery from composite materials and exotic metals. This particular picture shows a few of hos rings. And with his I mean James Thompson’s, the owner and designer of BBAC. Model is Herman Engdahl and MUA is Martina G. Click for a bigger version of the picture.


© Peter Lindberg 2009

Feb 032010

Shot in NYC the late fall of 1996. Lost the models name… anybody that knows?

Stalked. Central Park NYC 1996

© Peter Lindberg

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