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At Night – Dark Photography

Night Photography, Again.

I bet you have guessed it by now; I love night photography! A bit more mysterious. Yep.

Night photography - a true passion. Photographer Peter Lindberg
Dark Photography

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Artsy fartsy? The World In My Eyes...

Re-post: Darkness

Darkness Is Very Special

This image has been posted here before. But now is the season of the year when it gets really, really dark. At least up here in The North. For me this time of year yields more interesting photography. And a special challenge: what to photograph when there is very little light.

At night it gets dark. Especially during winter.

© Peter Lindberg

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After The Rain – At The Beach In Abruzzo

Steps on the beach

After a day of hefty rains the next day is sunny and warm, making the sand dry up with a uniform crust on the top it. Another day on the beach of Roseto degli Abruzzi

Crust on top of the sand
After the rain: crust

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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Abruzzo Italia The World In My Eyes...

A Giant Step – A Day At The Beach

A giant failure for mankind…

Or what else could we say? Did a giant walk here? Looks like a very long step, from someone with very long legs. Just stepped out of his slippers. Or slipped out? More likely the slipped away in the tide though. And were washed ashore again. Now they are trash.

Someone stepped out of their slippers - Photographer Peter Lindberg
You forgot your slippers

© Peter Lindberg 2014


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Exhibitions and stuff! Fashion

From The Exhition Floor – Fresh Fish!

A little taste of the different exhibitors/competitors booths. Enjoy!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Editorial Fashion

More of that Fish.. still kinda Fresh!

Mera Fresh Fish. En lite mer närgången vinkel på en del av me medverkandes plagg. Hanns inte med att läggas upp igår. Men här är det! Klicka på gott folk!

More Fresh Fish. Close-up angles of some of the participants sets. Wasn’t time to upload this last night before The Sandman showed up. Click away, dudes and dudesses!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Artsy fartsy?

A Friend shows his stuff…

Photographer Johan Palmborg had the opening of his show at gallery Eugén & William called “Flowers & more” this past Saturday. If in Göteborg, check it out.Chances are you might find something you like!

Parts of Johan Palmborg with a part of parts of his work
The World In My Eyes...

The dark hours…

Christmas-time is all about lucky lucky joy joy. But I don’t fell all that cheery. Darkness and stress. I rather take pictures of places like this than do x-mas shopping. Enjoy. Clickable image.

Cosy christmas lights...

© Peter Lindberg 2011


Model X

A headshot I did a bunch of years back… 1994-95 something. Enjoy. 😉

Model X Can't remember her name.

© Peter Lindberg 1995


PS. If you, the model in this picture, recognizes yourself; please contact me!

Cars Editorial

Difficult decision…

This driver had a hard time deciding which route to take. No-one was hurt apart from the hedge and a cypress tree.

Uhu.. what about the brakes?

©Peter Lindberg 2010