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Night, Light and Shadows

In the night, the shadows hides from the light

In a city or town, there is quite a bit of light even during night. That gives the chance of interesting shadows.


© Peter Lindberg

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At Night – Dark Photography

Night Photography, Again.

I bet you have guessed it by now; I love night photography! A bit more mysterious. Yep.

Night photography - a true passion. Photographer Peter Lindberg
Dark Photography

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Artsy fartsy? The World In My Eyes...

Re-post: Darkness

Darkness Is Very Special

This image has been posted here before. But now is the season of the year when it gets really, really dark. At least up here in The North. For me this time of year yields more interesting photography. And a special challenge: what to photograph when there is very little light.

At night it gets dark. Especially during winter.

© Peter Lindberg