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Can demolition photos be interesting? – A reportage.

Well, depends on the demolition AND the photographer. Right? 😉

I got a panic-call from a woman at a number in a small community in the Southern part of the country, and since I am located on the West Coast, I thought maybe it was the wrong number. But no, panic and hurry, thecustomer, NKR Demolition Sweden,  needed someone to document a complicated demolition of a bridge for power-cables in a environmentally protected area. They wanted it reportage-style, and I don’t often do that kind of stuff, but what the heck; I had time to spare and it would probably be pretty relaxed, so I said yes. When I arrived at the scene later the same day, I understood why they wanted photographs. This was a complicated thing. Normally they would just have blasted the thing with dynamite or had a huge excavator to crush the thing into the stream, and then dig the rubble up and shit it away. Now the had to build a support-structure, rest the bridge on that and roll it off like a rail-cart out of concrete. PLUS: the bridge was too heavy for any crane big to fit in there to lift in one piece, so it had to be cut up. The put on a lorry and rolled off the premises. And this is what it looked like! Photos of slow, clean demolition. I think they turned out pretty nice! 🙂


© Peter Lindberg 2016

Exhibitions and stuff! Fashion

From The Exhition Floor – Fresh Fish!

A little taste of the different exhibitors/competitors booths. Enjoy!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Editorial Fashion

More of that Fish.. still kinda Fresh!

Mera Fresh Fish. En lite mer nÀrgÄngen vinkel pÄ en del av me medverkandes plagg. Hanns inte med att lÀggas upp igÄr. Men hÀr Àr det! Klicka pÄ gott folk!

More Fresh Fish. Close-up angles of some of the participants sets. Wasn’t time to upload this last night before The Sandman showed up. Click away, dudes and dudesses!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Editorial Fashion

That Bloody Fish AGAIN! AND it’s still FRESH!

Åter igen var det dags för Fresh Fish, Göteborgs Ă„rliga modemĂ€ssa med utstĂ€llare som kommer underifrĂ„n. Och det Ă€r ju det man vill se; De stora mĂ€rkena fĂ„r mycket uppmĂ€rksamhet Ă€ndĂ„! PĂ„ Fresh Fish finner du de som kommer vara att rĂ€kna med om nĂ„gra, nĂ„gra kommer troligen till och med att pĂ„verka hur omvĂ€rlden ser pĂ„ Svenskt mode. Vissa kanske inte lyckas men sĂ„ Ă€r det hĂ€r i livet. fresh Fish förbĂ€ttrar hur som helst chanserna för de som vill och försöker. 🙂

Once again it is time for Fresh Fish, Göteborgs annual fashion fair with exhibitors coming from below, the underdogs. And that’s what you want to see; The big brands get much attention anyway! At Fresh Fish you will find those who will be to count on in a few years time, some will probably even form how the world looks at Swedish fashion. Some may not succeed but that is in life. Fresh Fish improves anyway chances for those who want and try their hardest. 🙂

© Peter Lindberg 2012

Advertising Fashion On The Job!

Photoshoot – Necklaces by Tanja Malo!

Swedish jewellery-designer Tanjo Malo needed some new images of her pieces and since she is such a doll I of course helped her out. 🙂 Here you go, click click away!

Tanja Malo makes jewellry in her own special fashion. Quirky and chique at the same time. Often recycled, unusual materials, all different. If you own something by Tanja, it’s one off!

© Peter Lindberg 2012

The World In My Eyes...

The dark hours…

Christmas-time is all about lucky lucky joy joy. But I don’t fell all that cheery. Darkness and stress. I rather take pictures of places like this than do x-mas shopping. Enjoy. Clickable image.

Cosy christmas lights...

© Peter Lindberg 2011


Model X

A headshot I did a bunch of years back
 1994-95 something. Enjoy. 😉

Model X Can't remember her name.

© Peter Lindberg 1995


PS. If you, the model in this picture, recognizes yourself; please contact me!

The World In My Eyes...

A life that was… house scheduled for demolition

This house was occupied just months before, until the woman living there died of old age. The current owner, her son, grew up there. You could feel and smell peoples lives in there, in the wallpaper, the left behind curtains and furniture. The dated and degraded interior holds a melancholic beauty to them. When you read this it’s all gone. The house has been sold to be torn down and the plot used for a new, much more luxurious villa. Only had time for a few fast snaps. And now, soon, no-one will remember and the photos might be the only proof there was ever anyone living there.

Did the puzzle ever get laid?
What secrets does that sofa-bed hold?
Fall comes late this year...
The last dinner has been served. Kitchen window.

© Peter Lindberg 2010


Once again: Meat Beat Manifesto

Another glimpse of an awesome concert. Magasinet, Gothenburg 1993.

Meat Beat Manifesto on stage, Gothenburg 1993

©Peter Lindberg 1993

Cars Editorial

Difficult decision…

This driver had a hard time deciding which route to take. No-one was hurt apart from the hedge and a cypress tree.

Uhu.. what about the brakes?

©Peter Lindberg 2010