Mar 102014

What are you looking at? Roseto promenade

A second later this lady smiled back at me, when she understood what I was doing. Capturing the mood on Lungomare, the beach-walk. If you ever come here during summer you will undertsnd what I mean. Very relaxed, all kinds of people. Welcome.

On the boardwalk in Roseto - Fotograf Peter Lindberg

Lungomare, the promenade in Roseto degli Abruzzo

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Apr 162013
Oct 312012

Actually a few exteriors too! 🙂

Interiörer och exteriörer. Nog pratat. 🙂

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Glazed balconys are popular up here in the cold north (Sweden)! Inglasade balkonger är populärä här i kalla Sverige.

Mar 162012
Mar 112012

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal vann inom accessoarer och Akharadet Ekchanok vann inom klädsegmentet. I år var kvaliteten högre och konkurrensen större och det var svårt att utse en vinnare i förväg. Jag gick bet! Grattis till vinnarna! Bilder senare ikväll!

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal won the accessory class,  Akharadet Ekchanok won in the apparel segment. This year the quality was higher and the competition harder and it was difficult to determine the winner in advance. I failed!! Congratulations to the winners! Pictures later tonight!


Akharadet Ekchanok

Sandra Lundblad & Carolina Baldal

Mar 112012
Mar 112012
Oct 202010

This driver had a hard time deciding which route to take. No-one was hurt apart from the hedge and a cypress tree.

Uhu.. what about the brakes?

©Peter Lindberg 2010

Feb 182010

I will be reporting from this years Fresh Fish. Follow the shows on! Here is a pic from the show of last years winner, Anna Falk. If you want to visit the fair ypurself, info can be found on

Anna Falk was the Fresh Fish winner of 2009

© Peter Lindberg 2009

Feb 162010

Another shot from the Black Badger Advanced Composites-shoot for Dampened the colors in order to achieve the feel I was after.. pale. Models were Anette H. and Herman Engdahl. MUA Martina G.

Anette & Herman for Black Badger Advanced Composites

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© Peter Lindberg 2009

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