Oct 312012

Actually a few exteriors too! 🙂

Interiörer och exteriörer. Nog pratat. 🙂

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Glazed balconys are popular up here in the cold north (Sweden)! Inglasade balkonger är populärä här i kalla Sverige.

Jan 152012
Feb 112010

Had this VW Bug in my garage for a while. A fix-up job before it being sold. A 1973 1303 LS Karmann cabriolet in very nice If I had the money I would have bought it myself and given it a few upgrades on the suspension and the engine would have been tuned for more hp. I hope it’s new owner takes good care of it! Clock the imgae to see it bigger!

VW Bug from 1973. Groovy.

© Peter Lindberg 2008

Feb 102010

Another “exciting” table-top shot. This time in red and green. Bon apetit! Click for full view.

Tomatoes with stem

Tomatoes with stem

© Peter Lindberg 2010

Feb 092010

Bananas, anyone? Click click away…


© Peter Lindberg 2010

Feb 092010

This image is from a shoot with Black Badger Advanced Composites for fashionfriend.se. BBAC isn’t into weapons manufacturing or even the racing-trade. No, BBAC makes gems and jewelery from composite materials and exotic metals. This particular picture shows a few of hos rings. And with his I mean James Thompson’s, the owner and designer of BBAC. Model is Herman Engdahl and MUA is Martina G. Click for a bigger version of the picture.


© Peter Lindberg 2009

Feb 042010

This image was produced for client, an ad-agency, that produces a magazine for Swedens largest distributor of medical supplies. It is supposed to illustrate the meeting of two people. Kinda’ obvious… right? 🙂 Click to se it full size!

© Peter Lindberg 2006

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