Feb 172010

One of my older fashion-images. My friend Marcus on a beach in south Sweden, January 1994 or 1995. -10°C and 15m/s. COLD! The Hasselblad battery died after only 15-16 shots! Click for bigger pic!

Marcus waving for surrender...

© Peter Lindberg 1995

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Feb 082010

Yesterday we took a walk in the woods nearby. Found that the again was running water in the stream from the little lake we often walk past. Looked kinda’ pretty. Click for full view.

Winter stream

© Peter Lindberg 2010

Feb 042010

One of the coldest and snowiest in many many years. I can only remember seing the sea frozen over this far out maybe 1-2 times before. As long as you stayed out of the wind this was a great day for a picnic! Click the image for full size!

© Peter Lindberg 2010

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