Feb 162010

My number one hobby is cars and racing cars. This picture is from a track-meet with Locost Sweden, a seven-escque replicas builders club. That means people that build cars that resemble the Lotus Super Seven sportscar that even competed in Formula-1 a few rounds, with suprisingly good results even though a total underdog when it comes to horsepower. Small, light and very quick through the corners. The most fun you can have on a slate of tarmac for less money than a Ariel Atom. This particular car belongs to Morty. Click on the image to see it large.

Morty throwing hos Seven around Kinnekulle Ring

© Peter Lindberg 2009

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Feb 132010

Picture of a newly wed couple taken at approximately 60km/h on the Älvsborgs-bridge. Click for full view.



© Peter Lindberg 2007

Feb 122010

A little reminder. From Vinga, the island famous for its lighthouse. And “BAD” isn’t bad at all. It’s good, since it translates into “beach” more or less. Click for larger view!

Time for a dip... in 3-4 months?

© Peter Lindberg 2008

Feb 062010

This is my niece when she was 2,5 years old. The same summer that we all moved to our newly built double-house outside Gothenburg. Playing chase was the favourite thing then.  Click to see full size!

© Peter Lindberg 2005

Feb 052010

Slight decay makes this parkingdeck in Strömstad, Sweden interesting. I have a thing for beautiful decay and brutalistic buildings like this one. Click the image for full view.

© Peter Lindberg 2006

Feb 042010

One of the coldest and snowiest in many many years. I can only remember seing the sea frozen over this far out maybe 1-2 times before. As long as you stayed out of the wind this was a great day for a picnic! Click the image for full size!

© Peter Lindberg 2010

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