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L’Aquila – Earthquake Damage

What L’Aquila Looks Like Today

On April 6th 1999 L’Aquila was struck by a devastating earthquake. About 65.000 people became homeless and 308 people were killed. Today the city is still being rebuilt. Work has been going on for the years since the earthquake, with stabilizing damaged buildings the main priority the first years. The bracing can be seen on most of the old buildings in the central parts of town. A lot of work has been done with mostly landmark buildings and some are even finished, but 90% of all work is still remaining to be done. The pace is crippled by both lack of money (many house-owners were not properly insured, and a lot of other were not covered due to force majeure while some just awaits government funding) and laborers skilled to work with earthquake-damaged old buildings. #laquila #earthquake #abruzzo


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My Home Town

Göteborg – My Home Town

My home town. Where my heart lies, where my soul remains. Göteborg. “Sjömanshustrun” or “Woman by the sea” is a statue on top of the “Sailors Tower” in Gothenburg, Sweden, next to the harbor

Sjömanshustrun Göteborg - My Home Town - Fotograf Peter Lindberg
Sjömanshustrun – Sailors Wife. En staty av en kvinna som spanar efter maken som är ute till havs, väntar på att han ska komma hem till henne och familjen

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Göteborg – Min Hemstad

Göteborg är min hemstad. Den är staden där jag vuxit upp, där jag utvecklats till personen, fotografen, jag är idag. Givetvis har jag jag sett andra platser men det här jag har mitt hem och mitt hjärta. Det är här mina vänner finns. Här finns min familj.

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Some interior shots…

Actually a few exteriors too! 🙂

Interiörer och exteriörer. Nog pratat. 🙂

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Glazed balconys are popular up here in the cold north (Sweden)! Inglasade balkonger är populärä här i kalla Sverige.
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The Mies pavilion from the Barcelona World Fair.

A few shots showing the best angles. The view from the street is actually the least interesting so that’s why it is left out. Click those pesky images to see them bigger… and click again to see full size! 😉

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