Oct 182015

Sugarfall LIVE at Cajsa Warg, Gothenburg

A quick preview of the gig by Sugarfall. Enjoy, and make sure to check bak later!


©Peter Lindberg 2015

Oct 182015

Lawgiver live at Cajsa Warg, Gothenburg

A quick preview of what to come! Check back for MORE LAWGIVER!

©Peter Lindberg 2015

Aug 252015

Blur is the new black!

A bit geeky, but I love taking blurry snaps of stuff and let people figure out what it is. A fuss, someone? 😉



Aug 192015
Aug 192015

Going Bananas In The Studio!

Another strange find..


Bananasim: the faith in the almighty banana and its healing powers. Worship included!

Apr 292015

In the night, the shadows hides from the light

In a city or town, there is quite a bit of light even during night. That gives the chance of interesting shadows.


© Peter Lindberg

#night #light #shadows #photography #artsy #artsyfartsy

Apr 282015

The King

You have to give it to him; he has found his throne. The weather was the best this far this spring, about 21°C (69-70°F) and sunny with no wind. This guy found his spot. The best spot on the beach. 😉


King of the beach - by Peter Lindberg

The KIng resides on his beach-throne.

© Peter Lindberg 2015

#king #beach #abruzzo #rosetodegliabruzzo #italia #photography #funny

Dec 082014

Darkness = Mystery

I find it fascinating. Darkness makes the world look different. Secrets might be hiding where in daylight they would be clearly visible.

Late evening at the amusement park

On that ride…

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 042014

Night Photography, Again.

I bet you have guessed it by now; I love night photography! A bit more mysterious. Yep.

Night photography - a true passion. Photographer Peter Lindberg

Dark Photography

© Peter Lindberg 2013

Dec 042014

Another day in Abruzzo

No real vacation without palms, right? This one is a bite lonely here. Roseto isn’t fashionable and maybe a bit dated in some places. But to me it is the best beach in Abruzzo. And the town is right on the beach, meaning everything is close. Perfect for lazy summer days.

A lone palm by the beach in Roseto degli Abruzzo

Roseto – A Palm

© Peter Lindberg 2014

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